We envision a world where every hour of every day people meet up for ten minutes of silent reflection @2:50 pm local time.

In order to realize this vision, we invite you to start your own Local@2:50.

  • If you’re in the same time zone as an existing “Local”, simply join. When that Local gets too big, we’ll divide.
  • Start a Local@2:50 branded with your own flavor and in your own time zone. Review our Local’s guide to hosting (coming soon).
  • We have practice and the technology. We help you get started.

The vision

  • @2:50 happens at 2:50 pm in every timezone.
    • This offers flexibility for hosts to choose a time zone convenient for them to host in.
  • @2:50 happens every day.
    • This can be demanding for an individual, so it’s recommended to have co-hosts in each time zone.
  • @2:50 remains non-sectarian and non-denominational.
    • The practice is participant-centered with minimal instruction. The role of the host is to hold the space for ten minutes of daily reflection.
  • @2:50 remains non-commercial and non-political, is always offered for free, and is not attached to any specific business, ideology, creed, or sect.

Contact Arthur, agrau at mit dot edu or art@at250.org to become a local host.

Let’s fill in this whole map!

Representation of timezones. Check your local time for accuracy.