Let’s stop and take a deep breath together

@2:50 PM EST (19:50 UTC) Everyday 

Today is day 263

Room opens five minutes early

  • Because ongoing stress can lower immune response.
  • Because physical distancing can cause feelings of isolation.
  • Because maybe the things on your plate can wait ten minutes.

The MIT community and the general public are invited.

Ways to participate:

A short introduction is offered at 2:48 each day.

  • Sit relaxed and close your eyes, or observe the screen or,
  • observe your breathing and let it go in and out by itself or,
  • notice sensations in your body with your mind’s eye or,
  • count slowly or repeat an affirmation silently to yourself or,
  • visualize a relaxing scene or things you are grateful for.


Join the on-screen panel for any day. Become a panelist here.


@2:50 offers a few simple strategies at the beginning of each period. Here are some resources for additional mindfulness learning.

Resources on mindful reflection (link to MIT medical)

Center for Mindfulness and Compassion holds daily guided mindfulness, movement, and meditation classes.

Recent milestone

Nov. 16 marked the 250th consecutive day of @2:50:

Reminders to be mindful:

or follow the MIT Slack Channel #at250

87,950 total person/minutes in mindfulness

As of 15 Nov 2020

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MIT @250 is an independently-hosted support activity free to the community. Created by a staff member at the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, the intention is to help students, faculty, staff, their families, friends, and the global community to reflect and recharge during a time of stress and uncertainty. There is no prerequisite to join. Questions? email: a grau at mit dot edu.

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