Pause for ten minutes of daily mindfulness

@2:50 pm twice every day

U.S. Eastern Standard Time (EST) & Eastern European Time (EET)*  

  • Because ongoing stress can lower immune response.
  • Because rapid change can cause feelings of isolation.
  • Because probably the things on your plate can wait ten minutes.

The MIT community and the global public are invited to join any day. Join the webinar (off-camera) using the buttons above or join the on-screen panel below (scroll down).

Saturday 24 July marks @2:50’s 500th consecutive day. Download an .ics reminder

The webinar will open early at 2:30 pm EDT for a marimba performance with Mika Mimura Erickson and some additional instruction TBA.

Ways to participate:

A short introduction is offered at 2:48 each day*.

  • Sit relaxed and close your eyes, or observe the screen or,
  • observe your breathing and let it go in and out by itself or,
  • notice sensations in your body with your mind’s eye or,
  • visualize a relaxing scene or something you are grateful for.

Recent milestones

Sat 5 June marks the 451st consecutive day of @2:50 (EDT) and 114th day of @2:50 (EEST) w/ 149,020 mindful person/minutes.

Upcoming dates

  • Sat 19 June. Juneteenth readings on emancipation afterward.
  • Mon 21 June. Summer solstice. Your best garden party apparel.
  • Sat 24 July. 500th @2:50. Festivities TBD.

Mindful reminders:

Find EET (Beirut, Cairo, Helsinki) meeting in your local timezone

Find EDT (Detroit, Miami, New York) in your local timezone

MIT @250 is an independently-hosted activity free to the world. Created by a staff member at MIT, the intention is to help students, faculty, staff, their families, friends, and the global community to reflect and recharge. There is no prerequisite to join. Questions? email: a grau at mit dot edu.

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