Ten minutes for your mind

Because your clarity, resilience, and focus make the world a better place.

Almost everything works better again if you unplug it for a bit, including your mind. Find the benefits of a regular insight practice without any fuss. Make yourself at home one time or for a while.

Join the MIT@2:50 28-day mind-the-flow journey. 11 Mar to 7 Apr 2024. Learn more.

Normally, @2:50 meets at the same time every single day for ten minutes of quiet together. No previous experience, no registration needed.

Each button links to a free, live, daily webinar that starts just before 2:50 pm local time.

Today is day 1535
Today is day 286

Why insight mindfulness? Because

  • even ten minutes spent quietly can affect the rest of the day;
  • regular mindful practice prepares you for future challenges*;
  • your plate of ‘to-dos’ can likely wait ten minutes.

Read, “Medical support for mindfulness” at250.org

Why 2:50 PM?

By holding @2:50 in the middle of the day, we acknowledge the vital role a mindful or meditation practice can play in our lives. Is mindfulness as essential as clean water, nourishing food, and trips to the bathroom? A growing body of evidence suggests that it is. Read, “How might we make mindfulness the new bio break?” at250.org

How do I participate?

A short introduction is offered at 2:48 each day. You might,

  • observe your breathing and let it go in and out by itself or;
  • notice sensations in your body with your mind’s eye or;
  • visualize a relaxing scene or something you are grateful for.

What if I can’t always join at 2:50 pm?

You’re welcome to join @250 as often or as infrequently as your schedule allows. @250’s global mission is to encourage ten minutes of mindfulness in whatever form or time works best for you.

We’d love to have you if you’re interested in starting an @250 in a new time zone. Learn more about our vision, at250.org here.

@2:50 webinar or meeting? Your choice

Everyone is invited to join the webinar on any day using the buttons at the top of the page. Webinar participants can use chat and view the webinar.

Meeting participants register in advance, can join by camera, unmute for commenting before or after @2:50, and receive a daily email reminder from Zoom. Register below to join the meeting.

MIT @250 is an independently hosted activity free to the world. Created at MIT, the mission is to help students, faculty, staff, their families, friends, and the global community to reflect and recharge in an easy and accessible way. There is no prerequisite to joining. Everyone is invited. Questions? email: art (at) at250 (dot) org.

Local @2:50 Hosts

Partha hosts EET@2:50 from Finland. At work, he is a Supply Chain practitioner focused on S&OP / IBP. He enjoys walking in the forest. As an @2:50 host and life in general, he draws inspiration from non-dual (Advaita, Sanskrit) philosophies from the East and the West.

Arthur hosts EST@2:50. At work, he serves as a marketing and communications director. He enjoys cycling and art-making. As an @2:50 host, he draws on experiences from yoga and meditation practices. https://arthurgrau.com

VK co-hosts EET&EST@2:50. At work, she is a research scientist in fluids & structures. She likes poetry, opera, and Scottish dancing. As an @2:50 host, she is into short mindfulness practices, easily incorporated into the day.

Billy hosts PST@2:50. He is a full-time student in Singapore American School. Personally, he is a classical music, rocket, and sleeping enthusiast. As an @2:50 host, he is exploring different philosophical schools of thought through meditation and trying to answer the age-old question: “what is the meaning of Life?”

@2:50 Milestones

  • Mon 12 Feb EET@2:50 celebrates three years
  • Sun 10 Mar EST@2:50 celebrates four years
  • Fri 10 Nov 2023 marks the 1000th day of Europa@2:50.
  • Sun 13 Aug 2023 Pacifica@2:50 begins in the Pacific time zone.
  • Fri 11 Feb 2023 marks the second anniversary of EET@2:50.
  • Tue 6 Dec 2022 marks 1000 consecutive days of EST@2:50.
  • Fri 11 Feb 2022 marks the first anniversary of @2:50 EET.
  • Fri 11 Mar 2022 marks the second anniversary of @2:50 EST.

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