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8 June 2021 – Boxed Breathing with Lauren

General mindfulness resources

@2:50 offers simple mindfulness strategies at the start of each period. Here are some resources for additional learning.

June 15: @2:50 stretches

At the Hour’s Top

A collective poem for the anniversary of @2:50

Thank you to participants and guests for joining us to celebrate the anniversary of MIT@2:50 and for your individual and collective contributions to our celebratory poems! Thanks to Lizarett Flavour for curating the chaos into a beautiful verse. Find the original on her site. Thank you to Ananya Garg for your poetic contribution as well. Both are below.

At The Hour’s Top
(Garden of Quiet)
Collab #1

In the Garden of Quiet, Garden of Thoughts,
There is no once and no when, only sloths.
The moment is here, the moment will rise:
Ten minutes no one here has to be wise.

First glance into silence, eternity lap,
A Moon in the swanlight – one way of the craft.
A flower of sunshine, a cloudless night,
Contagious soft glimmer we share inside.

Cool stars in the gyre, sky holds the breath,
Horizon’s so near, as close as thou let:
Immersing a guest in tranquility feast
That mind and body compose as we speak.

Earth’s flickering beauty in ball of realms, –
Embrace and descend into room when time comes.
Hats, jewels prepared, now set up your clock, –
At top of the hour, meet friends and your hopes.

March 2021, curated by Lizarett Flavour, UK


 MIT@2:50 is truly a blessing
 It empowers me to go ahead, blossoming and blooming
 It provides ten minutes of daily mindfulness
 Invoking optimism and thoughtfulness
 It kept me motivated in a period of uncertainty,
 Always filling me with joy and positivity
 Even now when the sun has risen,
 It is holding my hand, ready to empower and listen 
 Relaxing music and serene pictures,
 Makes me delighted and is my pretty little treasure
 Blooming flowers, lush green forests, incessant rain,
 These sceneries make me calm and soothe my brain
 Cheerful and happy faces in the sessions make my day,
 Always keeping anxiety and stress at bay
 After attending the sessions, I experience felicity and peace,
 I whole-heartedly wish that these sessions never cease.
 After 365 days of mindfulness, it has turned one,
 I hope it continues to help the community for many years to come! 

Ananya Garg, student and regular @2:50 participant, India

Experiential MIT@2:50 ten-minute daily mindfulness convenes for 250th consecutive day

The daily event has brought together people from every continent for over 88,000 person/minutes of quiet reflection

MIT@2:50 was initiated on 12 March 2020 as a temporary reaction to growing anxiety surrounding the pandemic. The daily mindful reflection period was shared widely within MIT and across the globe to become a daily staple for participants and viewers ranging in age from their teens to their 70s and from all walks of life. Monday 16 Nov marks the 250th consecutive day that the group meets at 2:50 pm eastern time. Each day, participants and viewers begin to show up around 2:45. Returning participants greet each other and welcome new joiners. At 2:49 guests are invited to participate in a way that suits them best from a handful of suggested mindfulness practices. From 2:50 to 3:00 pm every day, everyone sits quietly together. Quiet music, nature scenes, and participant panels play on the screen for those who wish to watch. At the top of the hour, participants may leave to resume their days or sometimes remain talk for a while.

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The @2:50 practice has become a regular part of the day for a core group that keeps the momentum going. A rotating population of participants and viewers come and go over time. To date, the group has held over 88,000 person/minutes of silent reflection. Participants claim, “Living alone, MIT’s @2:50 has eased the pandemic & given me a community to greet each day.” Or, “I come away feeling like a complete human being: accepted, seen, and appreciated–not for what I can do but for just being.” MIT@2:50 convenes every day https://at250.mit.edu and https://at250.org 

For more information contact Arthur Grau agrau (at) mit (dot) edu or art@at250.org

Image of a sample day with panelists on screen. Webinar viewers outnumber panelists but are not pictured on the screen.